Almost everyone knows Scotland. But we know it as no other. One of the important things is of course our Haggis! As we are the haggis backpackers! But our movies and music have had a great influence on everyone. If you are not yet familiar with Scotland we urge you to visit it. It’s rich of culture and other places which are a treat to the eye.

Imagine the beautiful scenery around you while listening to one of our traditional music. Most importantly of course it he Bagpipe! More about that later. Do you notice we already start to talk like we are one of them? Do you know why? Of course not shouts William! I know, I know. But we have been invited by the official bagpipe community here to learn play this instrument.

Therefore I feel we are already one with each other and it’s our music. Not theirs alone, but ours. Aye! Scotland!


Freeeedooooomm!!! Wow, tears in our eyes. The moment William shouted it out loud, not carring about his punishment. Just amazing.

We are procrastinating of course, because we still need to get our stuff together and were to happy to start this blog already as we found our partner.

Almost on our way but let’s us tell you about this amazing movie Braveheart. It’s just amazing, it’s already quite old but it’s actually time-less.

Played in and directed by Mel Gibson he makes us pro