First stop

Wow! With our bagpipe on our bag and a DVD of Braveheart in our hands we arrived in Scotland. It’s not as easy as it looked. We had to do a lot of preps! When you receive the chance to live and work abroad especially with your best mate you have to take it serious. It’s not all fun and games mate. There are many things to think about, (are you reading this in Mel Gibson’s voice? Good!) as for example. When something happens you need to be insured by an insurance agency. There are many good ones, but locally, you have to find anĀ international health insurance which will cover almost everything. Luckily we already speak English so that was not a problem for the service. Other things you have to think of is, WHERE TO GET THE RIGHT BEER!

Haha aye, it’s true. Finding a good pub is very important. Especially when you want to make new friends. When you don’t have a place of your own and you need to find a new set of friends, where better to start than at the bar. Also very important is to know new people because of job opportunities. Well enough seriousness, let’s go to Braveheart shall we!